Aliens? Yes please…

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The concept of infinity has also led me to believe wholeheartedly that there must be other life in the universe that obviously hasn’t been discovered yet.

If space is infinite, then there are an infinite number of stars, and therefore an infinite number of planets out there…and if there are an infinite number of planets out there, then there is an infinite chance that one of them has life on it. Actually, if there is an infinite number of planets, then an infinite number of them actually have life on them…

Pretty good odds to bet against.

Infinity and nothing…

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The concept of infinity is absolutely mind-blowing for the human brain, but when we look at the universe as a “space”, it seems to me that it has to be, must be, most definitely is infinite…

If the universe is in a box or a sphere, then what’s outside of it? Or even then, what’s holding it in place? There has to be something outside of it, or if it’s a sphere inside of another sphere, then what’s outside the second one? Space itself has to go on forever. This idea that space is infinite, however, is almost scary, because if you consider that it’s endless in measurement, then that means that all objects – even planets and stars – are rendered minuscule beyond belief in comparison. In the grand scale of things, think about it like this:

If twelve inches is a foot, then a thumb-width would be about one inch.

If twelve inches represents a mile, then about a hair width would represent one inch.

If twelve inches represents a thousand miles, then about 0.0(thousand zeros)1 hair widths would represent one inch…

…so scale it up once more, and if twelve inches represented infinity/the universe, then there would be an endless amount of zeros on the end of 0.0 before you would be able to place a 1 on the end, to represent one inch, or one mile, or one thousand miles. So technically there would be a never-ending string of zeros, and we would never even get to an actual number.

It’s basically like we are so small in the grand scheme of things to even be measured, and as far as the universe is concerned, we don’t even exist enough to be charted. Except, infinity can’t actually be measured…


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There’s something I love about rain. It might be the fact that it rains a lot in Scotland (and by a lot, I mean a LOT), but there’s definitely something about rain that makes you feel more alive and connected to the world than any other weather.

There’s a naturally comforting feeling that comes with standing outside in the rain with your face to the clouds, be it misty drizzle or thunderous downpour, that simple sunshine or wind or even snow just cannot beat. I think we have a subconscious link with rain in our minds because we know it brings life to our bodies in ways that other weathers simply can’t…even the sound of raindrops against the window or rooftop at night is universally recognized as one of the most soothing sounds out there.

Rain just doesn’t get the props it deserves…

They say you can’t buy happiness…

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Everyone’s heard it, everyone’s probably even said it : Money can’t buy happiness…well I found out that you can, and it’s pretty cheap too.

I bought a book recently called Awaken the Giant Within by a guy named Anthony Robbins, a “life coach” who has apparently been around for over 30 years. The things he writes about are pretty fascinating, it’s basically a book that shows you how to improve yourself on a number of levels and helps you to maximize your potential as a person to achieve success within yourself as well as without.

At first I was naturally very skeptical, imagining the author as a scam artist out to dupe people into buying his bullshit book. His resumé, however, is very impressive having coached a wide range of people from Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, the CEOs of several Fortune 500 companies and all the way to ordinary people with ordinary issues. I’m almost half way through, but it’s really affected how I see things in a big way already. Without sounding too much like a salesman, it’s pretty much packed with techniques to engage your brain in positive thinking and emotions, goal-setting, motivation and drive, with many interesting/funny/inspirational stories from his personal experience with a number of different types of people from all walks of life.

Here it is at

Where are “you”?

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If somebody was to have an arm cut off, you would say they had an arm cut off…

If somebody was to have a leg cut off, you would say they had a leg cut off…

But if you are cut clean at the neck, why do we say that they had their head cut off, and not had their body cut off?

People seem to subconciously feel that the core of the body is in the torso, and obviously geographically it is, but surely we should consider the head and brain to be the “center” of the body? If you were brain-dead, but your heart was still beating, you wouldn’t be processing any thoughts, you wouldn’t see anything, hear anything, feel anything, and you wouldn’t even know you were alive, so are you really living? I reckon that if your head could survive and function in a glass case a la Futurama, you would be “living” a hell of a lot more than if you were only a body with a blood-flow.

We are people, we are bodies, but where exactly are we inside the shell of our structure? Arms and legs, fingers and toes, all of our limbs are just branches of our bodies, but if you could pin-point a location inside the physique that was where you are located, most people seem to feel that the torso/heart is the right place. This is probably because most people seem to feel that their “soul” is who they really are, and the soul is located around the heart. The eyes, on the other hand, are usually considered to be the entry point to somebody else’s person – in conversation it is natural to look people in the eye when communicating with them, we don’t look at noses or ears, we look at eyes for a reason. I don’t know why we don’t consider the head as the center of the body, its the central nervous system, all the distinguishing features are on the face, and all the senses are located on the head, so surely the body should just be considered an extremity of the head.

The eyes are the “windows to the soul”, but it’s strange that the “soul” lives in the chest…


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Proven fact, by myself : It is 100 times easier and 100 times better to spread toast or bread with the back of a spoon than with a knife…honestly.


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No matter what happens, and no matter where you are in the world, the smell of freshly cut grass will always take you back to your childhood. Everybody knows that smell is the sense most closely linked to memory, and it’s without a doubt that your first experiences of smelling cut grass in the summertime was as a child at home.

Unless of course you didn’t grow up near any grass…

Small world…

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There’s around about 6.9 billion people in the world, or in other words, a hell of a lot. Sometimes I think about myself sitting here, in my own environment, in my own room with my own possessions, and that’s basically the world to me. In the grand scale of things, it is tiny, absolutely tiny. There’s a whole planet out there that in my mind, doesn’t even exist right now. I know it’s there, but i’ve never seen Africa, never been to Asia or Australia, pretty much the only continents i’ve ever walked on are Europe and North America. So besides seeing pictures or television images of other places, I have no idea what they are like.

I was on the plane from Atlanta to JFK a while ago, flying home for the summer when I ended up sitting next to an old man of Middle-Eastern heritage. He was about 60+ years old, thin grey hair, grey mustache, tweed suit, nice watch…obvious money. Obviously on business in America, but obviously also found it difficult to speak English to me. I would have had no idea exactly where he was from if I hadn’t glanced at his Blackberry as he changed the time-zone to his home – Kuwait, and for some reason I started thinking about Kuwait, and what kind of life this little old man has. Will he go back to his wife and children? Maybe he has grand-children? Maybe he doesn’t have any family but goes out on the town every night and spends his fortune on women and booze? Maybe he’s gay? Who knows, but the thoughts started running away with me…

When we look around, the world is full of people. All of these people have their own lives, their own environments, and their own ideas and thoughts. Sometimes we fail to realize that other people are not just characters in our eye’s movie screen, but when they are out of sight they are carrying on with their business as usual. We are innately self-centered. It’s crazy to think that there are people all over the Earth with lives, actual LIVES, and good or bad – they are living them. Someone is waking up right this second in California to start their morning, while another person is glad to be getting to bed in China after a long day’s work in the fields. We are a tiny, tiny, absolutely miniscule part of the world, and an even smaller part of the universe.

When I was at home I told my friend about the man on the plane, and we talked about him for quite some time. Not even just talking about him, we talked about talking about him. What was funny to us was the fact that there was an old man in Kuwait, going about his everyday life, and there were two people in Scotland who were talking about him…and he had absolutely no idea. Its strange to think that out in the world there could be somebody talking about you or thinking about you that you dont even know, and there are actually so many people in the world that it must be happening, even if said person had only seen you in passing for a second. People in general are strange, but it’s the fact that everyone is just mingling with eachother that makes it so crazy to figure out. Think of the most important people in your life that you have met (not family), and think about how completely different your life could be if you had never been in the place you were when you came across them…a knock-on series of events known as the “Butterfly Effect”.

The life of atoms…

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About a month ago, I was with a couple of friends having a late night conversation about random topics when the subject of existence came up. Before, I had shrugged it off as an obviously unanswerable question but in a fleeting moment of “genius” (not quite), something hit me that actually made some sort of sense.

Now, I am not attempting to explain where we first came from, how humans came to be humans and all that, although I do believe in evolution. What I am trying to explain is that we, people, basically come from the earth. Hear me out on this one…

Everybody knows what an atom is : visualize it as a small sphere made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. An oxygen atom will always be an oxygen atom, a carbon atom, likewise, will always be a carbon atom, and so on. Everything is made up of atoms, tables, chairs, trees, plants, animals and people, everything. So when you look at things from a molecular standpoint, life to me looks something like this:

Where did you come from? The likely answer is from your mother’s womb, which would obviously be true.

So what were you before you were concieved? You were half made up from a sperm and the other half from an egg.

So what were you, or where were you, before your mother and father had even produced that sperm and that egg?

Think about it… Think about the atoms. If atoms cannot be changed, then a carbon atom that makes up part of the skin on your
arm must have come from somewhere, and this is how I think it happens:

First of all when I say “you”, I don’t really mean “you”, because that would really mess up the circle, but carry on…

You live your life and you die, you’re either buried or you’re cremated. Either way, the atoms that were in your body are now in the earth. Imagine that same carbon atom from your skin, its now in the ground as part of your dead body. Your body decomposes, it’s food for the earth, and that carbon atom is now part of the earth.

Let’s say that atom is taken up by the grass as part of its nourishment…so now a tiny tiny tiny part of you is an atom of grass, making up a tiny tiny tiny part of one blade. Now a cow comes along and eats that blade of grass, digests it in it’s body and (provided he doesn’t shit it out) uses it as fuel to replenish his system. That same carbon atom from your skin is now part of the cow’s body.

The cow is slaughtered at the farm and made into some nice beef burgers. Your father eats the burger and just like the cow with the grass, uses it to replenish his own body. Imagine if that same carbon atom is actually used by your father’s body to make one of his sperm, which in turn ends up turning into you. You are conceived and pretty much all the nutrition you receive from your mother and subsequently once you are born has come from somewhere. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, all are made up of atoms. The atoms in your body right now were once part of something else in the past.

You are born, you live, you die, and the process is started all over again. This can theoretically happen with every atom in the body and in the world, because it is all going to be recycled at some point in time and become the earth again. The total weight of the earth has changed very little in the last millions of years, because everything on earth is recycled eventually, including living creatures. So, technically, we come from the earth, and come from ourselves. Wierd…


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Okay, well let’s begin with the big picture…and what’s bigger than God?

First of all, I have no problems or qualms with religion in general. I do, however, have problems with people who are so blinded by their own beliefs that they cannot accept anyone else who doesn’t feel the same.

Obviously, Georgia is in the “Bible Belt” of America.. I didn’t really grasp what this term meant until I experienced living here for myself, and although its not full of cult-like religious followers, it definately does have a firm religious culture. You have to watch what you say when you talk about religion here, but to be honest, that’s understandable…it’s a touchy subject in some parts of the world.

Around here, it’s common knowledge among my peers that I am not religious. I was once directed by someone in the past to “check out” a number of religions and do research on them, in order for me to make a choice. I actually took offence to that, because what they failed to realize was the fact that schools in Britain contain a little something called Religious Education in the curriculum…it’s mandatory. Now, R.E is not designed to persuade students to follow any one type of religion…it merely poses as a way to educate students about the history and traditions of every major religion on Earth. What you begin to realize when you learn about various religions is the fact that many of them are incredibly similar. Who is to say that one is right and one is wrong?

My take on God:

Bear with me…this may take a second.

First of all, everyone has heard this : “If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

My answer to that question is : No.

Understand this, sound itself is in the brain..its not a physical thing. The “sound waves” may be out there all around us, but sounds are only created when the waves hit our ear drum and are processed into information in our brain. The sound itself is merely whatever your brain makes of the wave. One person may actually hear a completely different sound than another person, just the same as one person’s idea of the color red could be different from someone else’s. Our senses are one of the most personal things on earth, because nobody will ever be able to actually feel what you feel, hear what you hear, and see what you can only describe it to them as best you can.

Onto God…

Think about this question : If nobody is around to believe in God, does he exist?

My answer to this question is : No. I honestly believe that God was created by the people. HUMANS made GOD, GOD didn’t make HUMANS.

Believe is the key word here.

This obviously causes a stir with people, for the same reason as I mentioned before…they cannot bring themselves to even contemplate any belief that is different from their own. They will do anything to reject an opposing idea, even to the extent of going to war.

I explain my answer by refering to history. The ancient people worshipped the Sun, which is completely fine. They were nowhere near the discovery of the solar system and space, and to be honest, the Sun really was their God. The Sun brought light to the day, brought nourishment to the crops, it brought life to the people. The thing with human beings is that they have an insatiable need to be in control and have answers, when sometimes we need to accept that right now there just aren’t any.

Because people need to KNOW, they invented God. God is a concept : we know he is not in the coulds, we know he is not watching over us, but he is inside our imaginations and brains to the degree that people actually believe whole-heartedly that he is real. I think that throughout time, humans have made “God” up as a way of satisfying their need for answers, and if humans were not here, neither would God be. God didn’t have parents. A woman didn’t birth God. What was here before he was here? Was he just chilling in space hanging out before just having a fun idea that he would go ahead and create a world for fun? Lets just go ahead and create stuff ’cause i’m bored..don’t think so.

I can’t explain why the Big Bang happened, but I believe it did, and if there has to be a “God” somehow, then that would be the closest thing to it..the bang.

Athletes and film stars who win or receive awards thank God every time…this bothers me. Do you honestly think God helped you win the 100m Olympic gold medal? No. No. No… he didn’t. What makes you so special that he pushed you along the track and didn’t help anyone else? Or what makes you think that he was watching over you, making sure you win, while letting unexplainable atrocities happen in the rest of the world? But God is everywhere though, right? He can do anything, right? That is because people are everywhere, and if he can do anything, why is he letting such terrible things happen to people? He is testing their faith they say, bullshit. I have seen plenty of religious people getting shitted on. The human mind is so powerful that it can create something out of nothing, miracles out of coincidence or phenomena.

I have heard the “testing faith” answer to many questions, but the funniest one ever was when somebody I know used it as a way of answering why there are dinosaur remains on earth.

“How do you explain dinosaur bones that are obviously millions of years older than when God apparently created the Heaven and the Earth, and Adam and Eve?”

“God put them there to test our faith in him…”

Sure he did.

As far as I know, or am concerned, animals don’t believe in God. They dont worship or pray. They dont spread their religious beliefs throughout the animal kingdom. Humans actually are in a very very tough spot – we are neither smart enough to know the actual facts, nor stupid enough to be completely blinded by the concept that we ALL believe it. We will always question, it’s in our nature.